The original Everslick is back
and better than ever!

Everslicks are also 5 times stronger than a normal skateboard deck so with our unique graphic application process you can expect your graphic to stick around longer than ever before.

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About The Artwork

Where did you get your inspiration for all the little illustrations around the logo?

Ever since a young age I loved drawing creatures and characters so I guess I haven’t quite outgrown that. When it came time to come up with my concept for the Screaming Hand Art Show I wanted to do something I haven’t seen done before for the iconic hand. I wanted to challenge myself and elaborate on a new fun direction I was taking my personal work creating things out of Creeps and Ghouls . What better subject than the Screaming Hand and Santa Cruz Strip. Basically, I methodically drew a ton of craziness to form one grander image.

How long did each graphic take?

I can’t give an exact number but I can say there were many sleepless nights and lots of caffeine had in the making.

What is your process?

My process varies between projects. If I’m going for a clean commercial look I’ll do a detailed pencil sketch and vector it later in Illustrator. These however started as rough sketches with a loose but well thought out vision of how I’d like them to end up. This allows for creative riffs to happen while keeping the end goal in mind. Once I was happy with the loose sketches I Inked them traditionally. The original Pitchgrim Screaming Hand is 18” x 24” and the Pitchgrim Universe is 34” x 12”. With this much going on I had to draw them pretty large. I then scanned them in, cleaned them up and colored digitally.

Where can people find out more about your art?