Mars Attacks Santa Cruz

The invasion has begun and the #MarsAttacksSantaCruz blind bag variant boards will be infililtrating shops near you on May 25th! With great terror and excitement we are pleased to release our newest collab! Each blind bag contains one randomly assorted variant skateboard featuring mash ups of classic Santa Cruz graphics with Martians from the classic Topps trading card series. All boards come in 8.25 x 31.8 on a medium concave. Check the video to see the full collection of decks and apparel!

Artist Boards

1-Of-A-Kind Custom Art
Hand done by actual "Human" artists!

Bill Hauser – Martin Ontiveros - Nick DiFabbio
Jimbo Phillips – Totalweirdoh – Liane Plant
Johnny Crap
Paul Kreizenbeck – Beast Wreck – FOS
Matt Ritchie – Thomas Fernández – Scarecrowoven
Pseudo5 – Craig Gleason – Tallboy
Smelly Elle – Tyler Emanuel – Edward Kelly
YYYYs – Todd Bratrud – Chopping Jerks
Austen Zaleski – Aye Jay – Pitchgrim
Dave Tevenal
Suzanne Fiore – Keith Haupt – Wizard Cleave
Chris Haslam
Jimbo Phillips
Martin Ontiveros
Smelly Elle
Matt Stikker
Ted Cocuzza – Matt Stikker – Michael Walrave
EdwardJustinWright – Jess Mudgett - Alex R. Kirzhner
Brad McGinty – Brian Imler - Ryan Besch
Nerdgore – Phil Guy - Mark Kowalchuk
Luke Preece – Goreteeth – Mathew Skiff
Craig (Screedler) Wheat – Dave Tevenal – Friend Prices
Wooden Cyclops – Amanda Stokes – The Larb